Being Called to The Fore Front!

One of the most repeated advice I hear is to ‘dream big, so big that it scares you because if your dreams doesn’t scare you, then you are NOT dreaming big enough’. I have always felt compelled to exclude myself from taking such advice. Not because I am some high and mighty woman who has [...]


Today, I woke up feeling optimistic about my plans for the day. I had only one job; which was simply to complete a project due tomorrow. That’s all. What started as a highly enthusiastic and well thought plan out day soon turned sideways and brought my project to a screeching halt. Best believe I became [...]

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Recently my University made the news for introducing gender-neutral toilets in response to a growing population of Transgender and no binary students. At first I was taken aback by this simply because I was oblivious to the fact that the University has any transgender students in the first place; which makes me sound really ignorant. [...]

Blurred lines and turning graves!

I used to be the daughter who told tales with my mother’s bed beneath my silver spoon. Now I am the careless daughter who’s lost her keys. I am lost in this old city, where the white act black and the black lose their pride as they continually stripped themselves of themselves and the brown [...]

“Alcatraz Of Balloons” In my 'Step into the shoes: Community Nurse' post I mentioned Miles Hodges, if you haven't read it yet, Please....( ) A huge part of my heart has been taken over by my love of poetry and one of my many inspirations is the fantastic group called the 'Strivers Row'. Carvens Lissant , Joshua Bennett, Miles [...]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Technically it is a brand new year for me even though we are more than half way through the year. Two years ago, I de-activated my Facebook account on this very day. I avoided Twitter too. Basically all the social network I am a member of and my phone. You may be thinking 'why would she do [...]