Procrastination is a tiresome act.

Do you ever get tired of procrastinating? Now you might think this blog post sounds like a guide for some kind of a self-help post on how to stop ‘procrastinating’ from reading the first line, however I can firmly assure you, it is NOT. Not even CLOSE. Procrastination like the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight is a very much overrated [...]

Step Into the Shoes: Of a Community Nurse

Off we go and in less than 5 minutes, while still literally circling a roundabout, we were followed by a police car.  I think it is because the sun is shining today and its save to say that they come out more during sunny weather. It could maybe be because the 'youth' of now a days ]go [...]

Let’s just start with a ‘Hello’!

So after reading a thousand and one blogs, I have decided to sum up the courage and join the thousand and one other individuals out there, who express themselves through the form of gathering their thoughts and opinions and doing something fun with it like blogging. Two things springs to mind at the mention or [...]