I’m Sorry but Don’t Be an Eve.

“Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says "Oh, no! She's up.” – Joanne Clancy This morning, I am that kind of woman. Feeling like I have just won the battle and a great war and it feels truly amazing. I came across this quote last [...]

Being Called to The Fore Front!

One of the most repeated advice I hear is to ‘dream big, so big that it scares you because if your dreams doesn’t scare you, then you are NOT dreaming big enough’. I have always felt compelled to exclude myself from taking such advice. Not because I am some high and mighty woman who has [...]


Today, I woke up feeling optimistic about my plans for the day. I had only one job; which was simply to complete a project due tomorrow. That’s all. What started as a highly enthusiastic and well thought plan out day soon turned sideways and brought my project to a screeching halt. Best believe I became [...]

It’s not always about the destination!

 "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive" - Robert Louis Stevenson I am grateful to be currently working in a position that permits me to give advice and reference my experience to students who are going through what I went through in regards to their education and future. One of the student [...]

How do I teach you if you would not listen?

How do I teach you if you would not listen or educate yourself about the many days I have lived, days that you fail to remember but I never seem to forget. How would you learn about me when you are bent on being my master without mastering the basics of being a student. How [...]

Blurred lines and turning graves!

I used to be the daughter who told tales with my mother’s bed beneath my silver spoon. Now I am the careless daughter who’s lost her keys. I am lost in this old city, where the white act black and the black lose their pride as they continually stripped themselves of themselves and the brown [...]

Let’s just start with a ‘Hello’!

So after reading a thousand and one blogs, I have decided to sum up the courage and join the thousand and one other individuals out there, who express themselves through the form of gathering their thoughts and opinions and doing something fun with it like blogging. Two things springs to mind at the mention or [...]