How do I teach you if you would not listen?

How do I teach you if you would not listen or educate yourself about the many days I have lived, days that you fail to remember but I never seem to forget. How would you learn about me when you are bent on being my master without mastering the basics of being a student. How [...]

Blurred lines and turning graves!

I used to be the daughter who told tales with my mother’s bed beneath my silver spoon. Now I am the careless daughter who’s lost her keys. I am lost in this old city, where the white act black and the black lose their pride as they continually stripped themselves of themselves and the brown [...]

A Day Like Tomorrow

Sadness awaits those hearts without a pair Some rejoice Some remain sad Some wonder if they will ever find their missing iridescent heart Don’t you worry about your today When truly a day like tomorrow is all Some are happy Some won’t let you know That a day like tomorrow they do not know Don’t [...]

Of these things, my insecurities are not….

My insecurities will not be a platform for your securities. It will not be a temple to mount your faith on; a bed of a thousand roses for you to lay on, come sun on a rainy day. your last leg to win the race; your strength to build on; a blanket to warm the [...]