Heaven Has No Washing Machine!

Whenever it rained; I thought God had just finished washing his clothes in a bucket and decided to pour it down on us. And when it snowed, God was de-icing his freezer! How silly does that sound. I was 6 years old at the time. Yet I was told of God love for me but [...]

Step into the shoes: of a London Commuter

This happened a while back and I was honestly gobsmacked people still behaved like this. In my preparations for my upcoming exams, I decided to take a couple of days off  from studying. I traveled back home for a quick getaway to rid myself of all things tied to University; deadlines, assignments, exams, intentional procrastination. Upon my [...]

Step Into the Shoes: Of a Community Nurse

Off we go and in less than 5 minutes, while still literally circling a roundabout, we were followed by a police car.  I think it is because the sun is shining today and its save to say that they come out more during sunny weather. It could maybe be because the 'youth' of now a days ]go [...]