5. Adonai is … His Lordship (Part 2)

On this ever-slow journey of dissecting the names and nature of God. In part 1, I briefly touched on the Lordship of God. (click here to read about all about it). I explained the name Adonai as a Hebrew (OT) name for God which can be translated as Lord in English and signifies sovereignty. The [...]

The Power of Music!

It comes as no surprise to find out that music has been compared to chocolate. There is something so powerful about the expression of music. It transcends any language or culture. It is universal. Somehow we still feel whatever the artist/performer is trying to convey even if we do not understand the lyrics. Many depend [...]

For those who need to hear this – It is time to grow up!

With anything in life, there is bound to be an infancy stage, a beginning; a genesis. Even as Christians, we have either gone through our individual infancy stage of sonship or are presently going through it. For believers, this infancy stage is called Nepios. Synomyns for Nepios include infant, a little child, a minor and [...]

Stronghold, the Place You Know Too Well!

Growing up, I have only ever experienced the word ‘stronghold’ in a negative context. I’ll admit, that I was never one to search up the meaning and definition of anything myself. I simply trusted the words told to me. There was always this instinctive level of trust I would always place in people because of [...]

The Promise – When Honesty Trumps Hard Questions!

First of all, Happy New Month! Can you believe we are already in the month of December? It feels like it was just yesterday, I wrote ‘A Space of Optimism - New Year’s post. Nevertheless, here is to many more to come this month. Earlier this week, the inhumane atrocity that is the news of [...]


Live like you know that God has got you. Live without fear. Live without worry. Live without walking on eggshells around life. Live like you know that your next course of action or decision whether you think it’s good enough - God still gets all the glory. Live. Live like a child; Like His child. [...]