4. El Channun, God is Gracious.

When you refer to God as gracious, what comes to mind?

3. Hosanna, Jehovah Hoshiah! (Save Part One)

A friend recommended the new Casey J album titled ‘The Gathering’ to me. Having listen to it myself, I would recommend you do to. Today's inspiration came from the song titled ‘Hosanna. (click link YT video to listen).

1. I AM Who I AM and Yahweh (YHWH)

In the early chapters of the book of Exodus, you find the story of a man named Moses. From escaping death at birth to becoming a murderer and then on the verge of being killed again. He killed an Egyptian at the mercy of his fellow Israelite. He was afraid everyone had come to learn [...]

Dear Me, No.8 ❤️

Dear meSober up on yesterday, when Your very presence played harlot with your mind Rendering your hands as the barren woman who awaits the homecoming of her presence. Knowing where your presence has been, still She calls cite memories of potential and ambition that belongs to you.

Dear Me, No.7❤️

Dear me. You are accounted for. Woven together in your mother's womb. Where, The nights of woman asked to hide you, Only shines light on every intricate parts. You are, Complexity for a name, Your every moment laid out Even before a single day has passed. His workmanship is marvellous and your every breath is all [...]