Abba Father.

We will rise as the bearer tears the shadows from the surface of the Earth. We will mount the air on which our souls will lay, and cry the testimonial cries of the One we were made to become. Exclaiming in reverence ‘Abba Father’.


You’re the kind of God that spoke light out of darkness You’re the kind of God that speaks understanding out of silence You are not an Ordinary God Sometimes I fear I will never move I don’t know what it will take for me to move Out of my comfort zone and into yours I [...]

To London.

Whenever I am reminded of you My rolls sink deeper into each other as if they haven’t been acquainted for years The ten year old girl in me no longer stays up to listen to the roar that forms from the innermost parts of you. Whenever I am reminded of you I am reminded that [...]

How do I teach you if you would not listen?

How do I teach you if you would not listen or educate yourself about the many days I have lived, days that you fail to remember but I never seem to forget. How would you learn about me when you are bent on being my master without mastering the basics of being a student. How [...]

Blurred lines and turning graves!

I used to be the daughter who told tales with my mother’s bed beneath my silver spoon. Now I am the careless daughter who’s lost her keys. I am lost in this old city, where the white act black and the black lose their pride as they continually stripped themselves of themselves and the brown [...]

A Day Like Tomorrow

Sadness awaits those hearts without a pair Some rejoice Some remain sad Some wonder if they will ever find their missing iridescent heart Don’t you worry about your today When truly a day like tomorrow is all Some are happy Some won’t let you know That a day like tomorrow they do not know Don’t [...]