An Open Letter to God the Holy Spirit.

Dear Holy Spirit,

I am sorry, that I’ve always thought you to be somewhat of a mere messenger, who wears the phrase ‘speak only when told to speak’ so well. In all the doctrines and understanding I have acquired and accumulated, I have always thought of you as the lesser one in the Trinity. Sometimes, I have ignored the fact that you are God the Holy Spirit; so therefore, you are God. I have made the mistake of reducing you into the liking of a small errand boy in all my quest of believing in God through Christ Jesus. I learnt the other day that you are not a substitute for God the Father’s voice to me when He wants to say something to me; but you ARE God’s voice that speaks.

Trying to build a better understanding of who you are the other day, I tried to imagine God in his awesome glory sitting on His Awesome Throne. He had no face, but he had a mouth. I tried to picture God the Father through the words of Ezekiel when the prophet spoke of his close encounter with God; which I may add, was only possible through You.  He spoke of the four living beings. He, Ezekiel described the glory of God. From what appeared to be his waist up was like gleaming amber flickering like a fire. And from his waist down; a burning flame, shinning with splendour. All around Him (God) was a glowing halo, like a rainbow shinning in the clouds on a rainy day.

In attempts to capture an image remotely close to anything like that; I grew in understanding of the Trinity but especially you. See through my imagination, I pictured God the Father sitting on His Majestic Throne and as He opened His mouth, the words He spoke into creation; He spoke in reference to God the Son. Every word spoken speaks light, life, and love. See He first spoke into existence Light. Then Life from dust and now I inhabit in His Love every day. Question. Who is light, life and love himself? Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I am getting excited all over again at the awesomeness of this understanding. Before I could ask myself another question like ‘so where is the Holy Spirit in all of this?’ I realised that even before light existed, you were present. You were hovering. You hover a lot. I realised that the power in the word God the Father speaks is you; God the Holy Spirit. You are the power and presence of God in the Trinity. You have been present way before the New covenant, yes even during the Old Testament. You didn’t just come into existence when the Son of God ascended into Heaven. No, that’s when we were able to receive You personally. You were present in the midst of the great and powerful wind that tore mountains apart and shattered rocks. You were also present in the earth quake and fire. I can imagine when Moses was about to separate the Red Sea right, God spoke the word; You immediately moved into action and manifested the Power and Presence of God.

I have realised that to think of you as simply God’s messenger and by unintentionally separating you from the Trinity is unjust. You are not to be separated nor seen as the lesser one of the three. To imagine God the Father without you is to believe God’s Word is powerless. It would be saying God the Father spoke in reference to God the son but nothing happened. You are important in the Trinity; You are important to me. You are NOT an errand boy who speaks in a gentle voice in substitute for God the Father’s great voice that would possibly burst my ear drums if I ever heard it in all its entirety but you are indeed God, Holy Spirit.

Please forgive me?

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