It’s not always about the destination!

 “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive” – Robert Louis Stevenson

I am grateful to be currently working in a position that permits me to give advice and reference my experience to students who are going through what I went through in regards to their education and future. One of the student who has drawn a likening to me and now refers to me as her ‘mentor’ came into my office yesterday and asked me ‘what’s next for me?’. At first I didn’t know what to tell her, I was worried that my answer may not make an impact to her as I want it to. See the thing is I am always trying to be the ‘aunty’ within this role and always trying to resonate with each student that comes in to the office  on a level that leaves them motivated and feeling like they can conquer anything and everything.

I am currently working within a higher education intstitution as work experience which many intitution and companies refer to as a industrial placement, work placement or sandwich year – a BLT sandwich would be pretty awesome right about now, BACOONNN!!!

Okay I’m back! After giving her an answer, she thanked me and told me that she is not one to plan and stick to those plans as life always gets in the way, so I told her in a nutshell, it is not always about the destination but the journey in getting there.

That talk got spun my mind into an uncontrollable panic about many things from my faith to my career goals and life aspirations. ‘what if I never accomplish them?’, ‘ when will I start to make my dreams a reality?, ‘what if I become a part of the statistic that never follow their dream and end up settling? ‘what if God’s plan for me is not even the plans I am dreaming about? ‘God please help me? ‘God speak to me?’ ‘God I’m officially lost again in my thoughts’. Honestly I lost track of time and definitely drowned in those thoughts.  These thoughts kept coming all through the work day up until dinner time. Somehow found myself watching a video on ‘overcoming people bondage’ by Heather Lindsey which was insightful and helped me shut down these thoughts and I pretty much fell asleep after that.

Many of us are caught living this life as a practise to the big marathon, they will soon have to run, without realising that they couldn’t be anymore far off from the truth.  Some on the other hand are caught living this life knowing that they are already in the race but they are so focused on the end goal that they fail to ask themselves ‘what is next once that race is over?’. Is your afterlife planned for? Are you simply focused on earthly pleasure?

It’s like rush hour in any big city. Every one is constantly trying to get from A to B, to get to their destination but they never actually stop to observe the process and everything around them and be grateful. That’s is in fact my biggest pet peeve about living in a city. Picture this, you are asked to bake this amazing three tier vanilla cake with chocolate icing with designs and everything. You have the ability to do so but because you have all the ingredients lined up on the table that does not mean that at a click of your finger, the made cake will automatically appear on the table; obviously not! The detail is in step you make you get to the final stage so that way you don’t miss any step. Maybe not the best example but all I am trying to get you to understand that we ought to sometimes learn to enjoy the process of accomplishing our dreams and goals, because at the end of the day.


2 thoughts on “It’s not always about the destination!

  1. I’m often guilty of this. I am so focused on my goals that I fail to live and enjoy the here and now. The process of being a work in progress is something that we all need to learn to enjoy.

    1. I’m learning every stage of the progress may not be something we enjoy, but it all adds up. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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