Step into the shoes: of a London Commuter

This happened a while back and I was honestly gobsmacked people still behaved like this. In my preparations for my upcoming exams, I decided to take a couple of days off  from studying. I traveled back home for a quick getaway to rid myself of all things tied to University; deadlines, assignments, exams, intentional procrastination. Upon my arrival at the coach station, I decided to take the bus route home mainly because I wasn’t up for getting lost in the whole London underground system. Getting the bus home meant I had to take 3 buses to get home. It was definitely as tedious as it sounds  but it was one heck of a journey  I was willing to take; anything to  avoid the London underground.

I dislike taking the underground for many reasons. For example everyone is always in a rush to get from A to B, no one ever looks up and just smile, everyone is always running to catch a tube that runs every 2 to 3 minutes, and I suffer from a mild case of claustrophobia, plus it is just mayhem especially during London rush hour.

The distance between home and university is a fair distance, at least 65 miles, which is a fair distance for all sense of politeness, respect and kindness  to varnish between my environment at university and home LONDON-TOWN.

I’m on my second bus now and my mum decided to meet me half way, which meant I would not have to get any more buses that night. All of a sudden this woman with an accent  that I can’t quite my finger on decides to pipe up, yelling all sorts, disturbing the peace on the bus. At this point I was already irritated because the bus was overly packed at this point yet the bus driver keeps stopping at every stop to pick new passengers even if only one person got off the bus at that stop. I am only 5 ft 2 which means I am relatively short which I guess translated to other people as the opportunity to lose all sense of courtesy and manners. I had some people stepping on me without apologising because ‘they couldn’t see me there’ or bumping into me right, left and centre. I definitely was over the whole journey and it was around 8pm too.

I turned back to see why this woman was being so loud only to find out all that racket was over a baby in a buggy who did not look over one years old. She was yelling, arguing with the father of this baby, really going at it all because his boy placed his legs on her suitcase. This woman was making a fuss over nothing and somehow this got blown out of proportion, threats were been flung around like it was a bunch of leaves been thrown into the wind, and these threats were not even towards the father or any other grown person on the bus but towards the baby. I concluded that she had clearly lost it. This lady started using all sorts of foul languages so you can imagine the frustration of the parents of the child. The sad thing was the father went up to formally complain about the lady with the bad case of verbal diarrhea yet the bus driver did nothing, not even stopped the bus to calm things down. This is obviously a classic case of unfair justice in my opinion. A number of people on the bus had to voice up including another man with his own family and baby who basically kept uttering words along the line of  silence is the best answer for a fool, to which I agreed because she was on #teamtoomuch with all her aggro. At one point with so many frustration going around, a random woman yelled from the back of the bus ‘if you hit that child, I will hit you back‘  and still the bus driver refused to stop to diffuse this situation. With everything going on, little ol me took in a deep breath and said to myself, “Welcome Home, Welcome to Londontown” This craziness continued for about another 10 minutes before the lady with the suitcase finally got off the bus. It was just ridiculous to see how people react to even the littlest things. She could have easily just smiled I mean the baby was practically clueless and simply told the father  hey can you get your son to stop or something.

Leo Tolstoy said “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” How would you  have handled that situation if you was the lady with the accent, the father, the bus driver?

2 thoughts on “Step into the shoes: of a London Commuter

  1. I’d try my gut feeling of screaming at her seriously.
    Someone should have stepped up to calm her down though. That’s not at all being a human or perhaps she was just venting out her pent up frustration. Lol.

    1. On a baby though? I understand we don’t know what the person next to us is going through but that is just cruel to divert her anger on a child who has no awareness of his actions.
      Or then again, she could just be cray cray.

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