“Alcatraz Of Balloons”

In my ‘Step into the shoes: Community Nurse‘ post I mentioned Miles Hodges, if you haven’t read it yet, Please….( https://writtenobsessions.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/step-into-the-shoes-community-nurse/ )

A huge part of my heart has been taken over by my love of poetry and one of my many inspirations is the fantastic group called the ‘Strivers Row’. Carvens Lissant , Joshua Bennett, Miles Hodges, Alysia Harris, Zora Howard and Jasmine Mans, as a collective, the Strivers Row shines so impeccably, I have never met people who makes misery sound like a bed of roses, who puts words like ‘gun shots’ and ‘serenade’ in the same sentence and make it sounds so beautiful, who finds class in ratchet, who finds love whilst falling, who falls into their insecurities and get back up tarnished, who isn’t confused by loving differently!

They recently streamed their show called ‘Anthology’ and I watched it online and can I just say B.R.A.V.O. It was exceptionally great and it surpass all my expectations. This piece I feel paints an understanding of who he is as a person. The man behind the mask and words so to speak.

I hope to find such comfort on a stage as well as he does.

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