Happy Birthday to Me!

Technically it is a brand new year for me even though we are more than half way through the year.

Two years ago, I de-activated my Facebook account on this very day. I avoided Twitter too. Basically all the social network I am a member of and my phone. You may be thinking ‘why would she do that?’, Simple. To avoid any form of joyous greetings, ‘No really you don’t say!

I did this weird thing for a couple of years leading up to my seventeen birthday, where I would count how the many people wished me a happy birthday to get a sense of how many people really cared well enough to wish me merry hail, weird I know, but I am a slow developer so it took me a while to realise that is not necessarily the case.

Last year I was stressing out like I was on crack. Personally I am one for control so when everything spun out of control and my friends all decided to drop out likes flies, you can imagine my state of mind going into total shutdown. By the end of the night, only three friends showed up, we ended up at the cinema then after Pizza hut! Yes, PIZZA HUT for my 18th, by that time its dawned on me that I had officially lost all control, so I had no option but to go with the flow.

In all 19 years of living, I have found this year to  have been the most interesting, I found passion in the most overt places, considering I am an introvert! I am finally in understanding of the world. I am starting to see changes in places I didn’t think would ever be possible, its like moving mountains type stuff and for all that I hold my greatest gratitude to God.

One things my dad always says to me is to speak up, at first I was like ‘Why? Surely if people really care they would bother to ask me what’s up‘ but again even if people do care, they still have their lives to lead so expecting someone to always reach out is just being unrealistic, again this took me a while to process.

On my 18th I had some promises to myself to seek change, and one year on I can say If anything I have somewhat succeeded, faced new challenges, spoke out a little more, smiled more, little things like this make the biggest difference.

Writing this post is my promise for next year. Something concrete; something I can hold myself to because unlike a new year’s resolution let’s be honest after the first couple of weeks, it goes out the window for some, but being a self-announced scribe I felt the need to include it into a blog post as a sign of progression. To be honest I am tired of relieving the same routine annually so what better way to start my new year than with a smile, celebration and a blog post about it.

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