Let’s just start with a ‘Hello’!

So after reading a thousand and one blogs, I have decided to sum up the courage and join the thousand and one other individuals out there, who express themselves through the form of gathering their thoughts and opinions and doing something fun with it like blogging.

Two things springs to mind at the mention or intention of starting a blog

  1. Coming up with a ingenious title for said blog
  2. About me page

The about me page gets me the most. These two things I strongly hate. Okay maybe hate is too strong a word, let’s go with strongly dislike instead; this is because I often find it difficult to come up with words to describe myself, without sounding ‘too boring’ or rather like an ‘egotistic female bulldog’. The reason for this blog is to document thoughts, opinions and experiences and just share. Basically creating a voice for myself. I realise I still haven’t mentioned anything about myself, to be honest, I am simply an individual, just like the person next to you taking life as it comes!

5 thoughts on “Let’s just start with a ‘Hello’!

  1. Hm, student? Like in college? What a coincidence, me too! Sometimes I think hello is all you really need. I hope you really stick with the blog this time, I`m excited to see what you`ll do!

  2. ‘like an egotistical female bulldog’, hahahah! Totally with you, it sucks! How do you sum yourself up on a page? I can’t even do that with the 19 years I’ve been alive..

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